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National Oyster Day

Image Credit: Isabella Valli

“Slimy…yet satisfying.” – Simba, The Lion King

Simba may have been talking about bugs, but the statement applies to oysters, too! Today is #NationalOysterDay and oysters are a common animal found in Boston Harbor. Oysters are mollusks; a type of animal that has a soft, unsegmented body, usually with a hard shell to protect them. The most common oysters that can be found on the Boston Harbor Islands are the Eastern oyster and the European flat oyster and if you’ve ever walked the beaches of the islands, you’ve probably seen their shells!

Oysters taste different depending on where they’re from. Here on the East coast, oysters are usually smaller and saltier than on the West coast where they’re sweeter and creamier. And it’s not just us humans who enjoy oysters. Oysters are a major food source for the birds of the Boston Harbor Islands.

Whether you’re satisfied by raw or cooked oysters, or just think they’re plain slimy, happy National Oyster Day!

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