Some park access has changed due to current health regulations around COVID-19.


All camping and reservations for DCR properties have been suspended until further notice.

Deer Island park areas are temporarily closed to public access.

Worlds End is now open by advance reservation only.

Webb Memorial parking lot is closed until further notice.

Thompson Island is closed to the public until further notice.


Most DCR park areas remain open for passive recreation.  Click here to learn more about how to safely enjoy time outside.

About the Park

Made up of 34 unique islands and peninsulas, the Boston Harbor Islands have something for everyone.

Explore a historic fort, enjoy a picnic with sweeping harbor views, or sleep in a rustic campsite beneath the stars. Choose an island and plan your adventure!

Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park is the largest recreational space in Eastern Massachusetts, attracting over half a million visitors annually. A top destination for locals and tourists alike, the park also functions as an important ecological habitat for local wildlife.

Those who journey to the Boston Harbor Islands will find themselves immersed in the stories of a harbor that played an influential role in the development of Boston and the nation through political, social, and environmental revolutions. With historic military forts, abandoned hospital sites, and important Native American stories to be told, the Boston Harbor Islands strive to preserve the history that resides on each island, while protecting habitats and increasing public access and education.

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