Snake Island

Once called “Bare” Island in the 1680s, this location is now home to nesting bird populations.

The long, winding landscape is what provides this location with its name, Snake Island. Over the course of history, the island passed through multiple owners. It briefly became the location for a group of squatters who were lobstermen and clammers. Now, it serves as a destination for local residents seeking an ideal spot for off-shore birding.

Visitation is strongly discouraged during nesting season, as the resident birds become very territorial.

Outer Brewster Island


  • None
Bumpkin Kayaking by Kerry Hawkins

Recreation & Activities

  • Bird watching
What you should know before you go to the parks.

Know Before You Go

  • Snake Island is not served by park ferries. Take care to avoid nesting birds and other wildlife.

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