Sheep Island

This island has seen the wear and tear of Mother Nature but serves as a reminder of resiliency.

What once was called “Round Island,” an expanse that reached 25 acres in the 1600s, is now a three-acre island due to erosion as a result of wind and water exposure. During 1636 the island was used for grazing sheep by the town of Weymouth. It became the location of recreational camping parties in the 1800s before housing a residence and hunting lodge. Today, Sheep Island serves as a nesting ground for local birds.

Visitation is strongly discouraged during nesting season, as the resident birds become very territorial.

Outer Brewster Island


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Bumpkin Kayaking by Kerry Hawkins

Recreation & Activities

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Know Before You Go

  • Sheep Island is not served by park ferries. Take care to avoid nesting birds and other wildlife.

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