Ragged Island

A quaint, quiet destination for those seeking solitude and mindfulness from the busyness of life.

A grove of lindens grows close to the center of the island while drifts of daylilies gather under large trees such as silver, red, and Norway maple. Ragged Island was occupied by local tradesman, John Langlee and his family, in the late 1600s. Later, in the 1800s, the island became part of a summer resort. It is one of four islands in Hingham Harbor and previously was the location of a restaurant and rustic observation shelters.

Ragged Island is a perfect location for quiet meditation while overlooking the surrounding islands. Due to the presence of poison ivy and greenbrier, however, exploration of the island is limited.  Nearby moorings are available by reservation through the Hingham Harbormaster.

Outer Brewster Island


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Recreation & Activities

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What you should know before you go to the parks.

Know Before You Go

  • Ragged Island is not served by park ferries.  Access by private vessel may be challenging; boaters and paddlers should use caution when approaching the island.  Take care to avoid nesting birds and other wildlife.

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