Camping Update:

2020 Ferry schedules have not yet been established for this camping facility.  As a result, reservations cannot be made at this time.  Please check back in mid-March or Create an Availability Notification on the Reserve America website to receive a notification when a site is available.  Our apologies for any inconvenience.


Activities, ranger tours, and most programs are included with your ferry ticket.

Stewardship Saturday Tool Maintenance

Help clean and sharpen our tools of the trade to keep field work safe and productive.

With all the hard work the Natural Resources staff and volunteers put into the islands throughout the year, our tools and equipment take a beating. Periodically we need to clean, sharpen, and repair our hand tools, pruners, and carts. Please join us for a day of maintenance and care, indoors and out of the cold at our Downtown office, as we work together to keep Stewardship Saturday running like a well oiled set of loppers.

What to wear: Long-sleeved shirts, long pants, socks, and closed-toe shoes; mainly stuff you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Some of the solvents and cleaners are oil based and could stain clothing though we don’t anticipate that happening. Wear something old.

What to bring: Please bring a lunch and reusable water bottle. Cleaning supplies will be provided. If you have a favorite sharpening tool feel free to bring that, but keep your knives at home.

For questions or cancellations, please contact Andrew Petit de Mange at 617-931-5349 or [email protected]

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