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Revolutionary Harbor: What’s the Tea? The Boston Tea Party’s Impact on Boston and its Harbor

Join Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park explore the history of the Boston Tea Party.

Under the cover of night on December 16, 1773, Bostonians boarded three tea ships at Griffins Wharf and dumped 342 chests of tea into the harbor to protest a tea tax. In response to the destruction of over 90,000 pounds of East India Company Property, Parliament passed the Coercive Acts which closed the Port of Boston until the tea was paid for. We invite you to join National Park Service ranger Eric Hanson Plass as he explores the fallout from the Boston Tea Party, how this event accelerated the road to the American Revolution, and the critical role of Boston Harbor in the City’s growth and development.

About Revolutionary Harbor

This program is presented by the National Park Service and Boston Harbor Now as a part of our three-part Revolutionary Harbor lecture series.

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