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End of public ferry season: As of October 9, regular public ferry service to the Boston Harbor Islands has ended for the season. Visit the calendar page for information about off-season cruises and programs.


Activities, ranger tours, and most programs are included with your ferry ticket.

Innovation Islands: The Foundation Dance Battle with Stiggity Stackz

Join us on Spectacle Island for live dance battle, brought you by Stiggity Stackz!

The Foundation started as a free weekly training program for local dancers, and has turned into a yearly Freestyle dance battle event and fundraising effort for the Stackin’ Stylez Freestyle Dance Festival.

Compared to Stackin’ Stylez, The Foundation is a much more intimate event, primarily highlighting the local New England talent. Because of its scale, it has become an encouraging and collaborative space, where amateur dancers battle for the first time and experienced competitors can be more exploratory.

Combine all of that with great music, local vendors, and an overall electric atmosphere, the Foundation has truly become an experience that anyone can enjoy!

*NOTE* Ferry tickets must be purchased to attend this event.

About Stiggity Stackz: Freestyle dance is a culturally Black artform: an evolution of movements created by the culture as a means for self expression and community building. With respect to these foundations, Stiggity Stackz Worldwide has established a pathway for artists of all ages and backgrounds to develop a relationship with their body, movement and rhythm. These core connections are the base for expressing our unique stories, building confidence, finding flow, and developing community. From dance coaching and freestyle festivals, to media production and entrepreneurial workshops, SSW is committed to providing the space and resources to inspire individual and community-level transformation, while establishing Boston as hub for creation and innovation within the freestyle dance scene.

Innovation Islands is a mini grant program, enabling organizations from communities in and around Boston to curate events on the Boston Harbor Islands. It is presented by the National Park Service, the Department of Conservation and Recreation, and Boston Harbor Now as part of the commemoration of the Boston Harbor Islands’ 25th anniversary as a National Park and 50th anniversary as a State Park.

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