Calf Island

A small island with a surprising amount of history, Calf Island is home to a variety of vegetation.

Tidal marshes, wildflowers, tall grasses, and wild fruit trees are some of the diverse vegetation that call Calf Island home. James Turner, who built his home from the deckhouses of the wrecked steamer, Ontario, came to own the island in 1845. It became the preferred location for a small group of lobster fishermen and later the site of illegal boxing matches.

Ownership of the island was transferred to Benjamin P. Cheney and his wife, actress Julia Arthur, in 1902. The couple constructed a two-story summer estate that later burned down in 1971. Now, the island offers visitors views of some of the surrounding islands in the harbor.

Outer Brewster Island


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What you should know before you go to the parks.

Know Before You Go

  • Calf Island is not served by park ferries. Access by private vessel may be hazardous and is not recommended.

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