For Youth and Kids

Our wide range of youth trips and programs help children and young adults enjoy all that the islands have to offer.

Do you want to have fun while learning about the plants, animals, rocks, and history of the park, and be rewarded for what you learn? If so, you should be a Junior Ranger.

Or, visit the stamp boxes on Georges and Spectacle Islands to collect island stamps for your NPS Park Passport.

Want to participate in the traditional summer camp activities, such as hiking, arts and crafts, and swimming? Want to boost your confidence and learn how to be a leader? Camp Harbor View on Long Island is for you.

Or, how about joining an exciting Outward Bound Summer Expedition sailing or sea kayaking from Thompson Island throughout the Boston Harbor Islands?

Looking for a job? We offer temporary work on the islands and in downtown Boston for youth, ages 15-25.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which island has the most hiking trails?

Spectacle Island is over 100 acres, with spectacular views of Boston Harbor and its surroundings.  Worlds End in Hingham, at 250 acres, is the largest of the peninsula area.  Both have about five miles of hiking trails.  All hiking at the Boston Harbor Islands is light to moderate.

What wildlife will I see on the Boston Harbor Islands?

The boat ride is not quite far out enough to see whales or dolphins, but expect plenty of sea birds and an occasional harbor seal.  The islands themselves will have deer, fox, raccoons, rabbits, turkeys, coyotes, muskrats, voles, and squirrels.  There is also the wonderful biodiversity of the tidepool and insects. Please remember NOT to attract, feed, or disturb any species of wildlife.  

Park Map

Boston Harbor Island Map