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Boston Light Tours Cancelled for 2014

Due to planned construction on Little Brewster Island there will be no tours of Boston Light during the 2014 season. In preperation for the 300th Anniversary of Boston Light in 2016 major rehabilitation work is planned. The nature of this construction work will make it impossible to ensure visitor safety and a positive tour experience this summer. This work will insure that the Lighthouse and Little Brewster Island in general are ready for the Tri-Centenial and are preserved for future generations. The National Park Service and the United States Coast Guard apologize for not being able to have tours this year, but you are all invited to a new and improved Little Brewster Island in 2015.

Planned Improvements

1) Repointing and recoating the Lighthourse itself

2) Siding, Painting, Roofing, Window Replacement for the Keeper's House, the Boathouse, the Oil House and the Fog Signal Building.

This project itself constitutes a major historic event in the nearly 300 year history of the light station. These major improvements will lead to an improved visitor experience in future years, a safer and healthier environment for staff living on the island, and preservation of the historic site for future generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go for the most scenic views?

Each island and peninsula has at least one viewing area, where one can sit and enjoy a breathtaking ocean view.  The best views of Boston are from Spectacle Island's north or south drumlin.  The best outer island viewing areas are the observation tower at Georges Island or anywhere on Little Brewster Island.  But remember-you can't go wrong with scenic views from any island!

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