Let's Move! Outside

Green space is good for your overall health and wellbeing. ~ Boston Magazine

The islands of Boston Harbor have always been a natural setting for recreation and fitness: The smell of brisk salt air, the feeling of wind on your face, and the shifting of the ferry boat as it navigates the harbor currents are all a part of the experience. Now Boston Harbor Islands is a Let’s Move! Outside Junior Ranger national park.

It starts with family fun. We have added to and diversified our recreational programs, encouraging families to get moving outside, together, at Boston Harbor Islands.

Let’s Move! Outside provides tools and information to parents to make it easy to enjoy the outdoors and be active and healthy together with their children. It is part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s nationwide campaign to end childhood obesity within a generation. Young people inspire us; we want to help them be healthy and curious for life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I swim on the Boston Harbor Islands?

Yes, the only lifeguarded swimming beach within the Boston Harbor Islands national park area is at Spectacle Island. There is unsupervised swimming at Lovells Island (swim at your own risk). Swimming is prohibited near all island docks.

Park Map

Boston Harbor Island Map