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If you are searching for a different camping experience, look no further than… the Boston Harbor. Four of the Boston Harbor Islands (Bumpkin, Grape, Lovells, and Peddocks) have campgrounds, all with an unparalleled location within sight of the Boston skyline – across the water! - Boston Globe

The Boston Harbor Islands Camping Season has officially closed for the 2014 season. Any off-season camping on the islands must be approved by the DCR by filling out a special permit and campers are responsible for their own transportation to and from the islands. Please visit  for information. Reservations for campsites for the 2015 season can be made 6 months in advance starting in January of 2015 at

Boston Harbor Islands offers tent and yurt camping within sight of downtown Boston. While you are camping, you can see the sunrise over the harbor and experience the islands in a whole new light. Individual tent sites can fit up to 4 people, and group sites are available for larger parties.

The camping islands are: 

Grape Island in the Hingham Bay area offers a wonderful trail system, beautiful views, and camping in wooded campsites. Within 5 minutes of landing on the pier, you'll feel as if you have the island to yourself. (10 inidividual, rustic campsites)

Bumpkin Island is also in the Hingham Bay area with slate and shell beaches, open fields and trails lined with wildflowers that lead you to the remains of a stone farmhouse. (10 individual, rustic campsites).

Lovells Island across from Georges Island has picnic areas with unparalleled views of the city, walking trails through dunes, woods and military fortifications along with a non-supervised swimming beach. Who says that you need to drive to the Cape? (7 individual, rustic campsites)

Peddocks Island is one of the largest Boston Harbor Islands with scenic hiking trails and military ruins. Peddocks offers limited service camping with fresh water, composting toilets, and flush toilets in the visitor center, about a 15 minute walk away. Peddocks Island is also home to our new yurts - wood-framed structures with vented windows and furnished with two bunkbed sets. Each bunkbed has a double sized mattress for each bottom bunk and single mattress on top.  Up to six campers can be accommodated – just bring your own pillow and sleeping bag.  Interior furnishings also include a table table with two benches, lighting, and an electric receptacle for small appliances. All yurt sites are a moderately inclined walk about 1/2 mile from the dock. 

All campsites have picnic tables and grills nearby. Please remember the Islands have a carry in, carry out policy. 

The camping season generally runs from the end of June until Labor Day weekend. And the park ferry gets you and your camping gear to your island and back. Reservations are required for your campsite through Reserve America. Go directly to their website using the flashlight button on this page or call 877-422-6762.  Your camping reservation is your permit.


  • Call the Ranger Line for help in planning your trip: 617-223-8666.
  • Go to more about camping reservations & permits: Camping Reservations

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a long walk to the island campsites?

No tent campsite is more than a few hundred yards.  The longest walk are to the yurt sights on Peddocks Island, located up a small hill about 1/3 mile from the dock.  Not to worry:  all camping islands are equipped with hand-pulled wagons to aid campers in hauling equipment to their campsite.

How many campers can fit in one campsite?

Each campsite will fit two 3 person tents.  Since three person tents are best with two people, One site will comfortably fit four campers.  We don't recommend more, unless children are among the campers.

How can I reserve the specific site I want?

Both tent and yurt sites on Peddocks Island are site-specific.  

Individual campsites on Grape, Bumpkin, and Lovells Island are not site-specific.  They are available first come first serve only to those campers with reservations for that night.  Once you arrive, the island staff will check you in at the dock, explain the camping regulations, and point out the campsite area(s).  Therefore, the earlier you arrive on the island, the more campsite choices you will have.    

Are there rain shelters on the islands?

Georges Island offers covered picnic areas and covered areas within Fort Warren.  There are also a few shelters and a tent on Spectacle Island.  Peddocks island has inside space at the visitor center.  Other islands have minimal, or in some cases no, structures with adequate rain protection, so be sure to check the weather.

Which islands have grills? May I bring my own grill?

There are small stationary grills on Georges, Grape, Bumpkin, Peddocks, and Lovells Island, as well as Webb Memorial Park.  Visitors may bring their own quality grill, and their own charcoal and cooking utensils.  Please remember to let charcoals burn to ash and take all trash home with you after use.  Grills and open flames of any kind are prohibited on Spectacle, Nut, and Deer Island.    

May I bring my radio to the park?

Amplified music is not permitted on any island in the park.  However, feel free to enjoy any music utilizing your headphones or earbuds.  

What wildlife will I see on the Boston Harbor Islands?

The boat ride is not quite far out enough to see whales or dolphins, but expect plenty of sea birds and an occasional harbor seal.  The islands themselves will have deer, fox, raccoons, rabbits, turkeys, coyotes, muskrats, voles, and squirrels.  There is also the wonderful biodiversity of the tidepool and insects. Please remember NOT to attract, feed, or disturb any species of wildlife.  

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Camping islands and campgrounds at Boston Harbor Islands managed by Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation