Go Boating

For some visitors, simply having a boat ride around the harbor is enough of an experience - whether it is a park ferry, private boat, or private cruise. During summer, you can leave from Downtown Boston or many points around the harbor. 

The Boston Harbor Islands are your perfect destination. You get to see the islands from the water and make choices for your next visit. Improvements to public access are underway to help you explore your park! Approximately 30 moorings are available throughout the harbor, most piers allow passenger pick up and drop off, and the Spectacle Island Marina is open for day-use visitors and Saturday overnight stays. At all islands you must “carry-on, carry-off” all trash. (Private boaters may not land on Thompson, Moon, Long, or Gallops Islands.)

Boston Harbor is designated a No Discharge Area, and all treated and untreated boat sewage must be pumped from boaters' sewage holding tanks into either a pump-out facility or pump-out boat. There are a total of 35 pump out facilities in Boston Harbor.

Returing, you get a new perspective on Boston and the mainland.


Park Map

Boston Harbor Island Map