The Civil War Remembered

Join us in commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War (fought from 1861 to 1865). Collect all of our Civil War Trading Cards, available at Georges Island or the Boston Harbor Islands Welcome Center. Visit Fort Warren and see what has been described as the most important Civil War site in New England. Come to one of the special events planned for each of the five years of the commemoration. 

National Park Service at Boston Harbor Islands has issued a seven card set of civil war trading cards. These cards commemorate the historic events that transpired here, and leaders who impacted the war.

The Boston Harbor Islands Civil War Card set:

Fort Warren:  It is designated as a National Historic Landmark due to its prominent role in the American Civil War. This fort, located on Georges Island, served two main functions during the war: a training camp for Union troops and a depot for Confederate prisoners.

Col. Justin Dimock:  As for commander from 1861 to 1863, he displayed patriotism and compassion while overseeing about 2,300 prisoners of war in that time.  

Alexander Stephens:  The Vice President of the Confederacy was held here for six months in 1865, and the diary he kept during his imprisonment was published after his death.

The Trent Affair:  James Mason and John Slidell were Confederate diplomats dispatched in the English ship Trent to seek European recognition for the Confederacy. It was captured in the fall of 1861, and the diplomats were imprisoned at Fort Warren until this international incident was concluded with their release in January 1861.

Sergeant John Brown:  The "Webster Regiment" (12th MA Infantry) composed the lyrics to the famous song "John Brown's Body" at Fort Warren in 1861. They had been jokingly comparing their comrade to the fiery abolitionist of the same name.

Col. Thomas Cass: Cass was an Irish immigrant who trained the irish MA 9th Infantry on Long Island.  He was killed at the Battle of Malverne Hill.  

The 55th Massachusetts Infantry:  the second Colored Service Troop regiment raised in Massachusetts mustered out of service on Gallops Island. They fought to preserve the Union and prove themselves worthy of citizenship.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Islands have any historic trails?

Yes-many islands were the former sites of forts, hotels, hospitals, and homes.  Many of these historic paths are best taken with a park ranger during an island tour.  Please refer to each island for specific tour times.

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